Demo CS

by Blank States



Released on TapesNotBombs [TNB16]

Recorded in April and June, 2012 at Cold War Studios in Grand Rapids, Michigan by Rick Johnson

Produced by Brian Przybylski


released July 20, 2012

Kevin Nunn - Vocals/Guitar
Ryan Marin - Guitar
Pat Boylan - Bass
Brent Temple - Drums


tags: world Michigan


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Kevin Nunn Michigan

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Track Name: I Scream For Ice Cream Cakes
We abjure in way we can't retract, and tend to forget the motives a the time, almost every time we find a conjured sense of validating our own to ourselves. We say it's not the same. Denounce and repeat the process over and over again and still say it's not the same. Somewhere between where we emphasize loose logic and can distinguish the difference in it is when we lose sight, in what's more important in that sense. It's when we accept the way things are going to be that we can try to find our way to make make peace with the way things are. Like when we stop making excuses and quit pretending the world is meant to revolve around us. And STILL say it's not same.
Track Name: Spirit Photos With Ada Emma Deane
Don't hear silence in my restraint, that's not what's intended. It's more of a repression than constraint, a paltry way to conduct myself. Its how we contest with each other and temper in our faults. It's the adverse attempts in the way we word our thoughts out loud, and at ourselves. Some way we manage how, sometimes it's a subtle exchange that works easy for me, and how in the same measure you hear the things I can't bring myself to say. I guess in some childish way it represents me, or maybe as you might say, a shared clairvoyance. Some way, we don't know how. Either way, we don't care how. Please hear the affliction in my constraint, it's my burden, and why I'm unsounded with myself just to subjugate my faults. It's how we contest each other, and live to learn through our faults.
Track Name: Tough Guts
Here's a toast to all your subtle changes that feign and pretend through chundered words and half fakes smiles to cache the way you've become. The answers implicate yourself while we try to find the balance between acceptance and understand why. And it's variations of that feeling, where we invoke a denial, and try to hide the basic sense of acceptance over the contradictions made in how you try to say there's nothing left here as the excuse to get out. Lying to yourself. Why does everything always have to be a slander for you?
Track Name: Bunns Of Steel
It shouldn't have to be this simple or essential. It's pathetic ways that demonstrate how, apparently. This is something to desire? I'm fine with playing the passe' one I guess. Someday the abject grasp in everything will suddenly make sense, and all the reflections on who you used to be will seem callow and cliche'. As this culminates, you're marked for change. And after trying to convince yourself i'm the one who's missed out, you'll recognize how all this time you've been faltering behind. Procrastinating on any accountability doesn't substitute for the contradicting reasons it creates. It more illustrates a portrait of how you're afraid, like you've lived life as black and white while we exist in shades of grey.
Track Name: Quviasukvik
We could pretend this drains the heart out, or that we're relinquished and complete in how we've withdrawn. Should we even refute what's changed? Some where between where we sneer and endure we'll find out how to get out. I guess there's only so much to take. And when we reminisce on the end, take solace in all the diminutive shit you blamed, and in all the stale excuses you make i'll point out just how nothing has changed. Just get out if out that's the excuse you need.