Dust Collection

by Low Cloud



Recorded at Studiotte by Joel Otte.


released May 18, 2014

Kevin Nunn - Bass
Alex Angus - Guitar and vocals
Jay VanVeen - Drums
Chris Lidstone - Guitar and backing vocals


tags: world Michigan


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Kevin Nunn Michigan

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Track Name: Better Off Without You
I feel like I was born 4,000 years ago, but dead tired by the time that I was 25. I'm feeling confident in my time spent here while straying from an unhealthy fear. Holy fallen father are you there? I'm screaming at nothing. But the words coming from me are not in your name. Isn't it impressive the way I play it off? So make sure that they all hear you when you speak. Your mouth is open so wide and I am sinking so deep. I'm trying way too hard to keep my shit together without thinking about all the things you say I could do better.
Track Name: Counting Backwards
Can you point me towards the exit? Oh my God, it's time to go. Every bad habit that I have, I owe them all to you. Close my tab and grab my coat. I show up dressed to dance with nothing to say. Do you hear me the same way? Counting backwards from ten until you let this happen again. I'll be the one who walks away unscathed.
Track Name: Turnpiking
I'm becoming my own dust collection. Clinging to all the bottles that I can. Take the turnpike East. I swear I can't feel anything. This body's like a landlocked state and I'm making headroom at the slowest rate. It's time I navigate towards the straight and narrow. I'm feeling shallow but I'm barely treading water. When will I be home? Or am I home? Because I find value in getting myself lost. I have trouble explaining myself to you. I'll take comfort at almost any cost. I'm feeling shallow, but I'm barely treading water. When will I be home? Or am I home?
Track Name: Static Movements
The air in here has been stagnant since October, waiting for windows to open and waiting for light to show so the dust and cat hair has some place else to go. When every movement starts feeling static it's time to start doing something different. Pull my strings, hear me sing, listen to me tell you how you could change, but watch me continue to do everything the same. I can't tell you what direction to go in when every single one of my fingers are broken.
Track Name: Unintentionally
Staring at the ceiling and wishing it would cave. A never ending ache from my head to my legs. I've gotten a bad wrap for being a pessimistic early twenty-something that's completely full of shit. By now there's nothing I could say that would make you think any more of me but I'll be okay. It's probably pretty selfish of me but I'm unintentionally satisfied with being lonely.
Track Name: Bedmaker
Rip this lump right from my throat. The words that I'm trying to say are starting to make me choke. Just pump my stomach until these pills float. Who told you that you could pull those flowers from that bed? The beds we make are the ones we lay. There is snow in the forecast but it's been raining all day.